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Featured Scotch


10-year-old, 40% alc.

The biggest-selling of malt in Scotland, but from a small company. Glenmorangie has been available as a single since the 1920s.

It is an easy taste to embrace – a fairly light, sweetish, flowery, spicy malt, in which a French perfume house reported finding 26 fragrances, from almond, bergamot and cinnamon to verbena, vanilla and wild mint.

The character of the 10-year-old is shaped in part to the exclusive use of Bourbon wood in ageing. All of Glenmorangie’s output is now bottled as a single malt, and the distillery is unusual in that respect.

Region: Highlands District: Northern Highlands
House style: Delicately spicy. Aperitif.
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Spicy (cinnamon, walnut, sandalwood?), with some flowery sweetness, a whiff of the sea, enticing.
Body: On the light side of medium, some viscosity.
Palate: Spicy, flowery and malty-sweet tones that are creamy, almost buttery.
Finish: Long and rounded.
Score: 80
Source: Michael Jackson’s Whisky Companion